FAQ – Quick answer to all your common questions

Why we need to unlock our locked phones?

Many mobile phone users require unlock service for their devices. For instance, if you are on vacation and buy a phone from a foreign country and want to bring it home with you and you insert a SIM card from your home operator in, you may notice that something is not right. There can be no network connection on it , so that is why you will need to unlock your phone so it can accept SIM card from other operators like the SIM card that is from your home operator.

Should i be worried about the warranty of the phone? Will it be affected?

Our company is well familiar with all handsets’ conditions and how they work, so do not worry, the warranty applies strictly for the phone’s hardware and it will not be affected. The phones work on radio signals-more particularly in waves the bandwidth for USA on GSM–2G is from 850MHz to 1900MHz, in UK for GSM–2G is from 900MHz to 1800MHz and so on. So if you buy a mobile phone from USA and the phone is coded to work only on per say 890MHz this phone cannot work in UK because the UK Operator-Carrier works on other frequency, not like USA’s operator, so we need to unlock phone’s software with unlock code so it can support all frequency ranges.

What about the fixed-term contract phones? Can they be unlocked?

If you have a phone which you consider selling, however, your buyer asks you if he can use it in another country, how should you reply? The answer is yes, it is totally possible to use the phone, simply because you can unlock it thru our unlock service. Moreover, do not worry about the contract terms of your GSM-CDMA Network Provider if you sell it or buy it. The company will only be concerned with the bills which is required to be paid on time till your contract is finished.

Do i have a 100% guarantee that my phone will be unlocked?

First of all, buyers – you need to know to which service provider your phone is locked on, if you don’t know, please contact us and we will assist you. If you do know the operator, please make the order and we will guaranty you 100% unlock success with our service. In addition, we also have money back guaranty protection to ensure customer satisfaction. Please Read Our Terms and Conditions to find out more about this matter.

Are the unlock codes sent to me always correct?

Yes, all Unlock Codes are Correct and straight from factory Data Base. While you wait to receive the confirmation email which has your unlock code you get impatient and start to type random codes. Do not do this! You can block the phone and later this device will not accept the correct unlock code that we will send you. Otherwise please read the question above.

How simunlockphone.com work behind the curtains? How you get the unlock codes?

Our loyal customers may talk and discuss about the many networks and brands on the market and how we have the time to manage and deal with all of them?! We have a long and successful experience in this field. Our suppliers offer the shortest unlock delivery timeframes along with order processing. The same order you are making from us we are making from our suppliers therefore our profit margin is minimal. Sometimes our supplier may be late in delivering the codes, this can happen from time to time but when this occurs our team is in constant communication with you so you can understand us and the business, we will make sure you are 100% satisfied. We are an honest and trustworthy company and we want you to know the truth and to have confidence in our service. A happy customer is the best advertisement we can get and this are Our Goals.

When i make the payment? How secure i am?

Our site is running on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, you can look up in the URL left corner, The Green Lock is showing and ”https://” which automatically guarantees encryption and secure environment to maximise payment safety. You can always call us and ask questions if you have doubts about payment issues.

How can i unlock my cellphones?

That’s why we are here, to make it easy and affordable for you to have your phone functional again. Find your carrier or country to which your phone is locked on and make the order, if you have doubts or questions feel free to contact us.